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Your First Micro Penny Stock List?

What Is a Micro Penny Stock List?

Micro Penny Stock ListA micro penny stock list contains the names of investment opportunities among very low-priced stocks. The stocks originate from all different sectors of the market. Their primary distinguishing characteristic is their extremely low share value. Investors usually refer to any stock worth less than two or three dollars per share as a micro stock or a penny stock. Everyone has his or her own limit for applying this description.

These stocks are popular among some traders because they are very dynamic. An investment in a penny stock has some incredible potential just from a mathematical perspective. For example, if a ten cent stock gains just five cents in value that turns into a 50% return.

A Starting Micro Penny Stock List

If you are interested in reviewing a penny stock list, here are four names of some low-priced stocks. They come from various sectors and all have performed differently in the last few years. However, they provide good study material and may end up interesting you as investments once you learn a little about them.

•             Capstone Turbine Corp. – A manufacturer in the microturbine industry, this stock has performed well recently. It has occasionally shown quarterly gains of more than 50%.

•             AVI BioPharma Inc. – There are a lot of exciting biotech companies on any micro penny stock list. BioPharma develops drugs based on DNA. Last year it had a single quarter growth of 200%.

•             Gold Reserve Inc. – Precious metal companies are making huge gains as are their counterparts in exploration. This stock has had so much success that it may soon leave penny stock status behind and stop being such a bargain.

•             Level 3 Communications Inc. – In addition to its stock’s excellent price-performance in recent periods, this company has also performed well in the market place. Their revenue growth is steadily increasing. This is one of the more exciting members of any micro penny stock list.

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