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The Pink Revival: The Enduring Popularity of Over the Counter Pink Sheets

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Over the Counter Pink Sheets: Why Pink Is In This Season

over the counter pink sheets

Although they have often been passed off as so-called dud investments, over the counter pink sheets are currently experiencing a spike in popularity. It is difficult to pin down the main reason for the pink sheet revival, but these stocks have a number of qualities that make them attractive to even the most experienced investors. One reason cited by many investors is the low price of pink sheet stocks. Over the counter pink sheets, also called penny stocks, are known for being some of the cheapest investments on the market. In fact, a stock can cost no more than five dollars per share in order to have a place on the pink sheets. As investors deal with a recession market where even the top stocks are increasingly unpredictable, the low priced stocks are being snapped up at record speed.

Avoid the Pitfalls with Over the Counter Pink Sheets

Over the counter pink sheets are not known for their reliability. In fact, they are some of the most volatile stocks on the market. Many penny stocks are priced low because they represent new companies or untested products. Because the pink sheets require that very little information be listed about a stock, and because these stocks need not be approved by the SEC, it can be difficult for investors to know whether an investment will succeed or fail miserably. Nevertheless, this volatility is actually one of the things that make these stocks so popular. While some investors have lost money on the pink sheets, others have found that their stocks skyrocketed in price soon after they were bought. Investors who put in the time to research their investments often find that over the counter pink sheets can bring very large returns in a very short period of time.

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