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Pink Sheets Stock Opportunities

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Pink Sheets Stock All Manner of Companies

Pink Sheets StockWhen it comes to the pink sheets stock traders assume that these are all micro cap stocks that nobody has ever heard of.  Surprisingly enough, many international blue chip companies such as Nissan and Nestle trade as pink sheet stocks in the United States. This is not because of them being poor stocks, but simply because they are normally traded in overseas exchanges. Rather than go the ADR or multiple exchange listing route, these companies have chosen to offer their stock on the OTC boards. These giants elect to forego listing on major exchanges not because they are unable to meet the listing requirements, but in spite of their ability to do so. In the case of most other pink sheets stock exchange listing is beyond the capabilities of their balance sheets.

 Some Surprising Pink Sheets Stock Investments to Consider

•             Eastman Kodak (EKDKQ.PK) has fallen a long way from the Dow Jones to a reorganizational bankruptcy. While the company lists obligations of 6.75 billion dollars, it also holds as much as 5 billion in intellectual property assets. The company has ongoing revenue streams and some prospect of recovery based on such items as a copyright infringement lawsuit against Apple (AAPL). If it is able to shed or reduce its liabilities in bankruptcy proceedings, Kodak could come back strong.

•             Lehman Brothers (LEHMQ.PK) is a prime example of a company that has already gone through what Kodak is just now beginning. Currently trading at $0.03 a share, Lehman Brothers is clawing its way slowly back up into the ranks of viable companies. Given the widespread publicity of its 2008 collapse, most people assume it no longer exists, but reports of its death apparently were greatly exaggerated.

There is an element of great risk involved in any pink sheets stock, but these are two companies that offer some tangible reason for hope of recovery.

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