Protecting Your Portfolio And Accounts From Hackers

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Protecting Your Portfolio And Accounts From Hackers

protecting your portfolio and accounts from hackersOne morning you go to open your portfolio and take a peek at your investments. It’s been a few weeks since you last checked. You sip your coffee as you wait for the account information to load. Within a split second your coffee mug is shattered across your floor and your in tears as your account reads $0.00. How could this happen to me? I have a good password and I haven’t written it down anywhere. You have just become a victim to identity theft.

Identity theft is one of the worst and painful experiences a person will go through. While it may seem like one of those “it will never happen to me,” type of things you can never be to careful – especially with your life savings and retirement money. These days computer hackers and identity thieves are more resourceful, crafty, and ruthless then ever before. It’s a lot easier to destroy someones life when you don’t actually have to see them face to face. So in order to protect yourself lets talk about protecting your portfolio and accounts from hackers.


The first step to protecting yourself is to make sure you are using your passwords correctly. Passwords that have significant meaning to you, ie. birthdays, social security numbers, addresses, and names are easy for hackers to guess. Make sure you use a password that doesn’t really have any meaning to it and use varying uppercase, lowercase, and numbers to help keep it harder to guess. The best passwords are just random numbers and letters. To help you remember these types of passwords you can use programs such as keepass.

Physical Identifiers

protect against hackers important mailWith all this technology available its difficult to believe some of the most advanced thieves will resort to digging through garbage. All it takes is an address, social security number, or a bank account number for a thieve to be able to retrieve the rest of your information. It’s really important that you shred your mail (if you are not already). Sometimes I like to shred documents and put half of them in one trash bin and the other half in another trash bin. Some of these thieves are pretty relentless, and yes, they do have enough time on their hands to put your shredded documents back together.

Other Methods

Credit Reports

Credit reports are a great thing to help use in combating identity thieves. By checking them regularly you can see if someone is using your name in order to get your credit and use it for themselves. By looking at your credit reports you can see if there is any pending charges you did know know about that could tip you off to potential theft.

Secure Websites

Make sure before you enter into any online transaction the website is secure. A secure website will have https:// in the navigation bar instead of http://. Sometimes websites will not go to https:// until you are ready to pay and enter the shopping cart or payment area.

protect against hackers atm scam


The ATM scam has become a bit more popular as of late. What will happen is a criminal will put a card reader in the slot where you insert your card and they will put a tiny camera over the keypad. If you use one of these altered ATM’s the criminal will have access to your card and your debit code.

To make sure the ATM you are using has not been tampered with simply search in Google for what these devices look like. Click here to see an example. Most of the time if you look closely you can tell. The card readers are bulky and it might look very out of place. If you are ever unsure just pass and wait until you reach another ATM.

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