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Small Cap Growth Funds Offer Large Returns

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Small Cap Growth Funds

Plan For A Better Future With Small Cap Growth Funds

Small Cap Growth Funds  include many stocks that have passed the critical stage that separates start-ups from real companies. While there is no shame in being a startup company, the facts of life indicate that only a few of these bold new ventures attain sustainability, even if they do offer the potential for huge returns. Of course, small cap growth stocks are not all new companies. Some of them have been in business for many years but are now accelerating beyond historical trends. This can be due to entry into new product lines or an unexpected ratcheting up of demand for an existing product or service.

 Small Cap Growth Funds That Make the Grade

•             Wasatch Small Cap Growth Fund (WAAEX) invests primarily in domestic firms but retains the option to balance the portfolio with up to 20% in international issues. In operation since 1986, Wasatch is based in Milwaukee, which provides the fund with a level of perspective not available to New York-based fund families.

•             Delaware Pooled Small Cap Growth Eq (DPSGX) was BI. Delaware Pooled Growth turned in an amazing 103% return. While this level of profit is unlikely to be matched in 2012, the fund nevertheless shows that it is solidly managed and able to perform even in difficult market conditions.

•             TCW Small Cap Growth Fund I (TGSCX) has proven to be a steady performer over time. The fund has yielded an average of 8% over the past five years. Considering how drastically the market environment has changed over that time span, TCW Small Cap has done a fantastic job of adapting to ever-changing conditions.

In comparison to the performance of better-known blue chip stocks, the returns from these small cap growth funds have been welcome news to stressed investors everywhere.

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