Surviving the Holidays

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Surviving the Holidays

The Holiday Season is upon us. What is more, is the Holiday Shopping Season is upon us, when every retailer is at each others’ necks vying to sell you the same product at the best deal. Black Friday shopping that started Thanksgiving evening, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. The closer to the holidays you get, the deals and retail hours will soar. On top of all this, the economy is shaky, and the job market is horrifying. So in this holiday season, we find ourselves fighting a two front war; one on our budget and the other on the retailers in our quest to get the greatest bang for our buck. Here are some helpful tips to get you through the giving season.


surviving the holidays 3Window Shop

Window shopping gives you an idea of regular retail price. Knowing what the regular cost of the item is, will help give you a better idea of the deal you’ll be getting. To understand cost, you need to understand how retail works. Corporate offices are in contact with buying offices, that dictate how a store is supplied. Depending on the wholesale cost of an item and the projected mark up price, are all factored into the retail price. Massive buy ins will occur on hot items. So as the prices go up and down, it is important to window shopping between the various competitors. See who is offering what deal, and go with the one that offers you the best price.


Big Ticket Items

HD TV’s, Next Gen gaming consoles, the latest Tech, or whatever interests you and your loved ones. Our mentality rarely ever changes, and bigger must be better, and spoil ourselves in gifts. Understanding how retail works is how you can make retailer work for you. Understand that while the big ticket items are the in thing right now, it is often smarter to let them go by during the holiday season. As time wares on and new versions come out, you are more likely to be able to buy the very same big ticket items for less than you would have paid in the mad dash of holiday shopping.


Take your Time

The holiday season is not shorter simply because there is a limited amount of products available. Whether you have the hot item before or after the holiday makes very little difference in the outcome of life as we know it. It is nice to get everything you want, sure. Is it worth stressing over or making rash financial decisions? No. As the holidays draw closer, more stresses and frustrations grow with even more intensity. Take your time when shopping for the holiday.


The employees are not your enemy

Service and retail employees are not the enemy in these retail wars. We often take our stresses and frustrations out on people who are not the causes of our angst. Hang tight. These employees are looking to help you find the items you are looking for, give them the benefit of the doubt that they’re looking to help you. Smile. Trust me, this is a stressful and frustrating time of year for everyone, not just the consumers. Treat the service and retail workers with the kindness and understanding that you expect from them and I guarantee that they will be more than willing to help you over the person that is handing them attitude and being overly rude.


surviving the holidays 1

Knowing how to shop is a great way to achieve your goal of getting the gifts you want for the least amount of money spent as possible. We often forget when on our war march to the retail outlets, that while we are shopping for the best price on the items we want, we tend to take out our frustrations on those who are working in the store. Focusing our attention on how best to shop, distracts us from the people are stuck working during them, and working in the jobs that supply us with what we want. Understand that if the store ran out of stock on the items you wanted, often other reasons are the answers to why the store cannot sell you the items, not because the store is unwilling to work with you. Screaming at the employees in the store will get you no closer to your goal. We’ve all seen the overly zealous customers take their frustrations out on the lower level employees. Take a deep breath, and do your shopping ahead of time, before the last minute shoppers run into the stores. The rush for items is set by the big retailers, there is no need to rush or stress over giving gifts. Spending time with your friends and loved ones, is the basis of the holiday season in any case…so try to enjoy them!

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