Finding Top Rated Penny Stocks

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Finding Top Rated Penny Stocks

Top Rated Penny StocksFinding top rated penny stocks is the key to making money from penny stock trades in the penny stock market.  Knowing where to find top rated penny stocks to buy that are poised to move higher and have the potential to generate penny stock profits can be the difference between a successful penny stock trader and one who finds it difficult to profit from penny stock trading.

Top rated penny stocks share a number of qualities:  market interest from penny stock traders that is needed to push them higher, forward looking prospects that hold out the possibility for future financial success and gains, news flow that is consistent and positive, and stock floats that are small enough to allow them to rally unhindered by the number of shares available.  Sorting through the thousands of penny stocks that trade on the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTC BB) and (Pink Sheets) penny stock quotation services to find the top rated penny stocks is an enormous task for any penny stock trader, just due to the sheer number of penny stocks.  Identifying the top rated penny stocks in the penny stock market is what sets apart top penny stock traders from the crowd of penny stock traders.

An Alternative Route to Finding Top Rated Penny Stocks

While a penny stock trader may be successful at identifying top rated penny stocks by spending countless hours looking for top rated penny stocks on penny stock message boards hosted by websites such as InvestorsHub and Silicon Investor or by scanning the penny stock markets for stocks with winning trading patterns and characteristics, most penny stock traders just do not have the time to scour penny stock message boards for penny stock tips or to do penny stock scans on a regular basis.  Instead of looking directly for top rated penny stocks, many penny stock traders would be better off finding top rated penny stock alert sites that do the legwork for them and provide top rated penny stock trading alerts that can be acted upon and traded successfully.

While there are hundreds of penny stock trading alert sites on the Internet, a penny stock trader can find the top rated penny stock alert sites on websites that judge the performance of penny stock alert sites, such as and  These sites that track penny stock alerts sent out by penny stock alert sites, and provide feedback regarding the performance of these sites and their penny stock alerts.  While it is always a good idea to supplement penny stock alerts with a trader’s own penny stock research, subscribing to penny stock alert sites with winning track records is a good way to increase the number of top rated penny stocks that a penny stock trader comes across and can act upon to implement profitable penny stock trades.

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