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Toyota: A Stock to Watch

Auto sales have been rising in recent months as the great recession is in itself receding throughout the world. Global sales have begun to rise for many companies that have historically been able to produce a cheaper vehicle that is reliable and easy to maintain. In the US, traditionally General Motors and Ford have remained the favorites, however Toyota has made a clear push towards success. Toyota has been a world leader in auto sales for years and while Volkswagen has been pushing to gain Toyota’s position, Toyota has not only been able to hold on with high sales and solid stock value.

Toyota’s Reliabilitytoyota 1

Toyota is the number one global auto seller out beating every other auto manufacturer. One of the biggest reasons that Toyota has been so successful over the years comes from the reliability of the engineering behind some of the most affordable vehicles. As of August the car manufacturer had sold a whopping 246,100 vehicles which came out to about 20,000 more vehicles than the company had project for yearly sales up to last month. With a 6.3 percent rise in sales, the company has shown investors that the company is not only driven towards attaining longevity in the current market, but to the standard which has become a market favorite. The name Toyota has over the last few decades become somewhat of a household name. Many of the brand’s cars that are on the road today have been on the road for the last 20 years. With a product that is not only cost effective on the sticker price, but has been able to maintain its value throughout the various owners. Since the economic decline both in the US and worldwide, the used car market has been selling the previously owned vehicles at a premium which had in itself hurt the new car market. Toyota was able to combat those sales trends almost immediately because of the rather low price points for their cars. Used and new Toyota’s were coming out close to each other in retail cost, and with the help of Toyota brand incentives the brand was able to avoid what many of the other brands had gotten sucked into –¬† a lack of sales. One of the reasons that Toyota has been able to remain afloat in the current market is the fuel efficiency of the bulk of their models that are offered amid the higher fuel prices worldwide. One of the most successful models sold by the company are the various levels of the Toyota Prius which averages at the low point of 30 miles per gallon or better. The Prius has been noted as not only one of the most fuel efficient vehicles currently on the road as of today, but has set a standard for many of the vehicles it competes with, which has arguably become that catalyst for other brands to jump on the stylish car yet fuel efficient engine race.

Strong Stock Value Growthtoyota

Toyota’s shares closed yesterday at $116.05 which many industry analysts have said is rather strong for a well established and publically traded company. Many stock analysts have gone on record promoting the stock under the conditions that it stay above 105 dollars. Should the stock rise above 120 dollars, the company feels that the growth in sales will only help slingshot the company into their year’s end goal of a price per share of 165 dollars. Since the company has been able to maintain upward sales, many feel that the company will not only reach its goals but will be able to gain new investors. Toyota is very enthusiastic of how the year will end sales wise because of the fact that sales are already up 6.3percent over last year alone. Industry experts believe the company has the growth potential of upwards of 10 percent just in for the end of this year. Those same experts have already begun to speculate the growth for Toyota for the following year, stating the company has the potential to grow over 13 percent for the following year. Many experts have been paying close attention to the slow but gradual growth of the Toyota Motor Corporation. While gradual on many levels, the stock has seen some significant jumps in value in a short bursts as well.

Due to the nature of the company and the continual growth both on the stock exchange and the continuous growth of their global auto sales, Toyota remains one of the strongest manufacturers currently producing. Their commitment to fuel efficiency, safety, and affordability has set Toyota up as one of the more profitable and popular auto manufacturers in our modern time. The company remains to continue its arc of progression as the leader in global sales which keeps the company worth taking a look at watching the stock grow.


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