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VRED – Vitual Ed Link

VRED, our first penny stock PICK of the FALL, the STOCK is RED HOT and could catch FIRE!


Since the September 11th attacks in America, there has been a massive increase in the need for effective security and emergency response systems in each and every industry. Where there is increased demand, there is an opportunity to make money.

Virtual Ed Link, Inc. (VRED) is capitalizing on the education community’s need by offering a top-notch Safety and Security Management Systems (SSMS) solution. VRED develops SSMS solutions primarily for private, public and higher education school systems. The company has developed a Web portal application, which collects, processes and distributes information to the right hands in times of crisis. In an emergency, this SSMS has the ability to quickly disperse notifications, directions and information.  The primary goal of the system being bringing ‘situations’ under control before they get out-of-hand.

Virtual Ed Link has an amazing product and expects revenue to start pouring in.  The press release below explains how the company may strike a deal with the state of New Jersey.  If this deal is executed, the company expects BIG PROFITS.



From a technical perspective, it appears VRED is primed and ready to runThe stock closed up 45% for the day at .0029.  The float is reasonably low and appears to be locked.  SR&R anticipates a major run in the near future.

Taking a look at the chart below, the trend is clearly UP.  In addition, there are RUMORS floating around that MAJOR NEWS will hit soon.  SR&R believes that if everything goes as planned, VRED may run to .01 or HIGHER!







VRED Stock Chart


SR&R is recommending members grab some shares of VRED in the morning!

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