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Website Not Generating Business? No Problem.

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Your Marketing Plan is Wrong!

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Many small business owners find the advertising on the web a gigantic mystery. They don’t understand why their business is not generating website sales. If you’ve looked into marketing your website and have failed miserable it’s not due to lack of effort, it’s that effort has been misguided.

You’ve done a little research, and maybe you stumbled upon sites like or a href=””> and read a few articles on marketing your site. While these sites no doubt have amazing resources for webmasters it’s not very practical for a small business owner. The problem is these sites are geared towards webmasters and marketers who only have one job. As a small business owner you wear many hats and cannot focus 40+ hours a week solely on your marketing campaign.

This post will help you filter through what is necessary and what isn’t for your small business to succeed on the web.

Step 1. Focusing On What Really Matters To Generate Website Sales

The first step in generating sales from your website is to take a step back and decide what market you are really trying to serve. Do not say everyone. It’s impossible to cater to everyone. Figure out your target audience. The web is competitive if your going to get sales you need to focus on what target customer at a time. Figure out the most important customers to your business and begin to plan a campaign to target those customers specifically. Building a great website is a marathon not a sprint. Focus on one core service to one customer at a time and slowly build out your campaign within the confines of your allotted time (daily, weekly, or monthly) for web marketing.

As a local business you have a huge advantage over national competitors. That was not always the case but the search engines have done an amazing job at leveling the playing field for anyone who plays by their rules. Your biggest advantage in today’s web is you only have to focus on your area of service where a national competitor does not have the ability to focus on one single area. While their site may be stronger overall, you can dominate them in local search results by making your pages a little stronger than their pages in your local area.

Step 2. Building Out Location Pages

location pages
If you sell a product or service to a local area the first step in your campaign is to identify the towns, cities, or counties you want to serve. Once you have narrowed down the most important you need to create a local specific page for each town, city, or county you plan on serving. This phase is crucial. It’s important that you do not make each page identical, and the more location specific you get the better your campaign will perform. It may take you a month or 2 to create and publish unique content for each town you serve, but the tme you spend making your content now will reduce the time spent marketing it when it comes time to promote it.

Step 3. Start A Google Adwords Campaign

The next step in your campaign is to start a Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaign. If you look hard enough you will probably be able to find some coupons for a free $100 in advertising budget. The reason why I build out paid advertising campaigns is so I can test a wide variety of keywords and see which ones bring the most traffic, and more importantly lead to the most sales. Since it takes weeks sometimes even months to rank for an organic keyword (not to mention a lot of effort and time) the best way to quickly see what keywords to target is to do a paid advertising campaign. Not only will it generate sales for you while you are waiting for your website to rank well on Google it will also tell you exactly what keywords you should be targeting to generate the most sales.

Note:This assumes you already have a basic understanding of Google Adwords and Google Analytics (or some other web tracking software) installed on your website. To see what keywords are giving you the most business you need to correctly install and integrate Google Analytics with Google Adwords. THere will be more on this portion of the campaign next week!

Step 4. Target A Specific Keyword

keywords for sales
After you have run your Google Analytics campaign and narrowed down the best performing keyword it’s time to modify your location pages to fit the keyword you will be targeting. In order to rank well the keyword you choose must be closely related to the content you write around it. Using your target keyword form compelling, and unique copy for each location page using the keyword as the main topic of the page.

Step 5. Promote The Content

The next step is to promote the content in order to get it to rank well. This is the hardest part of any campaign. It takes webmasters years to fully understand and properly promote their content. We do not have the luxury of years, however. This step involves other people liking, sharing and linking to your content. Since you need to rely on other people it is not entirely in your control. However, the name of the game is to get a link or social share anyway you can. Think outside the box and find creative ways to get people to promote your content. Get creative. Here is a method I used to get social shares for a particular page I was trying to promote. I went onto Google Plus and visited a few communities with people in the same industry as me. I then posted my content in the community and asked people to give it a plus one. The way I got people to give plus ones is because I said I wanted to compare if a page with links or a page with social shares performed better. I told everyone that +1 the post I would share the results with them. Using this method I was able to generate a ton of social shares for that piece of content, and more importantly, it was from people in the same industry (and it was even some industry influencers). Industry influencers are the people in your industry that have the strongest website. A link or social share from one of these people gives your website a lot more power then just some random person.

This is just one technique I used to promote content. Remember other website owners are constantly getting nagged by people to share or link to their content. If you want to get a share or a link you have to think outside the box like the method I mentioned above. If you follow the steps in this article your website will be well on it’s way to beating the local and national competition in your area. Remember create location pages. Find a great keyword. Promote your content. If you do this your website will be generating sales in no time. After you finish this camapaign then you can start to look into or a href=””> to learn how to test different button, headlines or other area’s on your website. However, those sites aren’t particularly helpful until you have started to generate a decent amount of traffic to your website.

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