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WhatsApp Exceeds 500 Million Users

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WhatsApp which if you remember was bought by Facebook earlier in the year had announced yesterday that it has exceeded 500 million subscribers. The mobile messaging company was purchased in February for a cash an stock deal that totaled $19 billion dollars and was very contentious, so much so that Facebook stock prices fell shortly after the deal went through.

Facebook’s Vision

Facebook has openly stated its company-wide view of how global communications should unite the world. Both Facebook’s own social media power and user friendly operating system has allowed the company a vast user base. However it is through the acquisition of multiple other globally used companies and services that are propelling Facebook to the forefront of global communications. The trends of communication are always evolving and Facebook is finding that investing in WhatsApp was one of the best investments the company could make. Despite the fallen stock share price, 6% down since the acquisition of WhatsApp, and the criticisms from within the industry will be seeing a return on their initial investment. The future of the world communication is playing right into the vision that has been laid out by the Facebook team and leadership.

WhatsApp’s Successwhatsapp 1

WhatsApp is more successful outside of the USA because of the type of service that is being offered. While stateside text messaging is very popular many abroad use messenger apps because it’s cheaper. The company, backed by Facebook has seen a sharp increase in its user base. Most of the more recent subscribers are coming from India, where more people are trying connect. Success is like many companies, going to be found in Asia and Asia minor due to the very large populations. Social media is really taking off in these countries as they begin to modernize in a two-fold aspect. On one hand, we are noticing that the population is modernizing as far as smart phones. Over 44 million new smart phones were shipped and sold in India since the middle of last year. On the other hand, we are seeing that the more modern youthful generation is looking towards connecting via modern technology. Both of these hands are playing directly into the hands of Facebook’s global reach plan to use technology to unite the worlds populous.

WhatsApp in India

WhatsApp may have 500 million users worldwide, but they have only recently just surpassed 50 million users in India alone. A number that is truly staggering when looking at the company this time last year that had only 25 million users. The user base has doubled in less than a year! The company is quickly growing all over the world, not just in India. The user base has also grown quite substantially in Brazil, Russia, and Mexico as well. But India like China has over one billion people in its population. Like many whatsapp 2other service industries, the communication industry is not any different. In fact there is more profit to be made if the right types of investing are being done in the initial research. WhatsApp understands that a reliable service is not the only issue to tackle, because affordability is just as important as reliability. And while WhatsApp does have market competition, it is clear that WhatsApp is a user favorite. The easy to use platform has taken hold over the user base, and new users are signing up at a rapid rate. The success of WhatsApp is not just limited to India but it will be interesting to see how quickly 50 million users turns into 75 or 100 million users.

Understanding how to succeed and succeeding can be very different unless you are backed by Facebook. The social media giant has effectively been able to not only grow itself, but has been able to grow its vision via other companies either acquired or banded together. Last month Facebook acquired Oculus Virtual Reality, and had in January been looking to purchase Titan Aerospace. Google has since then purchased Titan Aerospace in an effort to replace its own version of uniting global communications via wind currents and high atmosphere balloons. Facebooks desire to connect people not only to the internet cheaply, but also to connect people worldwide has been the continual driving force behind their monetary and corporate investments. WhatsApp has given Facebook the ability to realize their connectivity dreams because of the vast reaching found in their user base. Success is there for those willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

The success of WhatsApp will only continue to trek due to the superb leadership, vision, and desire to connect the growing world’s populations. Just like any society that is modernizing and evolving so too will the desire and need to communicate, which is where WhatsApp can fill the need at an affordable and reliable rate.



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