6 Stocks to Watch for 2014

In recent months many Wall Street analysts have been reviewing various companies whose share are selling rather low but are showing some of the best market promise. There are various reports and various industries that brought together to see how likely it is that the company’s market value will rise over time. Here are 6 stocks to watch for the remainder of 2014 that could offer you upwards of 100 percent increases before the end of the year.

One: Pacific Ethanol Inc.

Pacific Ethanol Inc. is part of another company that is called Cowen, which has invested in the creation of a clean technology stock. The stock was targeted to sell by Cowen’s standards at 29 dollars per share at its initial public offering. On Tuesday the shares were selling at about 30 dollars per share but dropped off yesterday by 6 percent to about 13.96 dollars per share. Wall Street analysts believe that this sharp drop in price is only temporary and that the company’s share price will double before the end of the year. The current 52 week trading range is between $2.33 through $29.97.

Two: Wet Seal Inc.stocks 1

In early September when this stock went public the targeted price was of about $1.50 per share but ended up selling for 75 cents per share. That price has since dropped and currently the stocks are selling at 52 cents per share since the last day of September when the price of the shares saw a 5 percent drop in value. Wet Seal has a 52 week range from about 50 cents to about $4.11 per share. Many investors are cautious when dealing with this stock because of its rather sharp and dramatic decreases in such a short time. Analysts warn that with any low priced and small cap stocks tend to be the most risk based investments, those same market analysts believe that this particular stock has the ability to grow by 50 percent by the end of the year. Some think that the stock’s worth could rise as much as 100 percent in the same amount of time, which is why this stock is one of the 6 to watch for the remainder of the year.

Three: Repros Therapeutics Inc.

Repros Therapeutics was mentioned in a report by Merrill Lynch that was released on September 29th. The firm reported that the company’s shares were valued at a target of 24 dollars per share. The close out price for the shares are at about $9.90 which translates that the stocks are looking at about 140 percent increase in price if Merrill Lynch is correct in its assessment. While one may think that 24 dollars per share is high, it is still less than what Repros the company had set as the market value of their targeted share price at 28 dollars per share. The 52 week ranges from $8.64 to about $27.52 per share.

Four: Penn Virginia Corporation

The Penn Virginia Corporation is an independent gas and oil company that is focused on developing the Eagle Ford Shale plant in Texas. The targeted value for this stock has been valued at about 28 dollars per share and is selling currently at just under 21 dollars per share. Shares were sold by the end of September at $12.71 per share and have a 52 week trading range of $6.50 to about $18.20 per share. This stock’s value might be the closest one on the list to aggressively hit its targeted value in such a short time and retain that value as well.

Five: Nxt-ID Inc.

Nxt-ID is a company that has seen a 7 percent rally rise in the market value of their stock. Initially the shares were lowered due to the announcement of Apple Pay but saw a slight increase in the value of their stock prices. Nxt-ID shares have traded with a 52 week range between $1.36 to about $7.25 but had increased slightly due to the announcement that the company had received a rise in capital. If the company is able to reach its targeted goal in overall worth, shares would be looking at an increase of up to 134 percent.

Six: Scorpio Bulkers Inc.stocks 2

Scorpio Bulkers is a shipping company that transports both major and minor bulk commodities which includes coal, ores, fertilizers and grains across the globe. Many investing analysts have agreed that shipping and transportation companies are some of the safer investments amid current international tensions and Scorpio Bulkers is one of those companies. The Deutsche Bank has given a solid value of 12 dollars per share for the stock which at the end of last week had close at about $7.21 per share. The stock closed at $5,92 yesterday and has a 52 week range of about $5.75 to about $10.73.

While many of these companies are worth watching it is important to note that these observations are not market guarantees. However all the companies involved have shown both difficulty and success, and are currently suggesting double if not triple their current values by the end of the year.


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