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An Important Penny Stock Tip

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Penny Stock Tip

Protect yourself with this one Penny Stock Tip

Penny stocks come and go, but there is one penny stock tip that often represents the secret ingredient to avoiding the dogs of the sector. Most penny stocks represent companies that are just starting out or just finishing their run. In these cases, it is the investor’s own judgment that will determine whether an individual stock is a good choice or not, but there are also a number of outright frauds operating out there in OTC land. Due to the relaxed nature of OTC reporting requirements and the dearth of dedicated penny stock journalists, it is not always easy to ferret out these sham companies.

Use this Penny Stock Tip Ads your own personal Secret Weapon

While not your typical penny stock tip, one tool that is at the fingertips of every online investor  is that of a satellite mapping program. These handy little investment tools allow investors to zoom in on the alleged site of the company headquarters or other major corporate facility.  After all, even if the reporting requirements are relaxed, they are not eliminated. Companies still need an address that can be looked up. The results are often very enlightening.

A highly touted new biomedical stock may have a company headquarters in someone’s house with chickens running around in the backyard, or it could have a real business address but in an area of town that does not bode well for its chances of advancement. Companies have even been listed in locations where the building was torn down and now all that remains is a parking lot. These factors are not conclusive, of course. They do offer highly suggestive information that helps round out the rosy picture always painted by the propaganda offered by the company itself.

Guard against the most blatant fraud by taking a quick peek at their advertised location. It is very hard to hide from a satellite.  This is a penny stock tip that many investors may not have thought of, and will hopefully find helpful.

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