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Best Stock Tips

The Best Stock Tips Are a Little Unorthodox

You may think of the best stock tips as bits of information about the inner workings of companies whose stocks are on the verge of break outs. No one wants to lock their money up in these companies until the moment right before they begin the upward swing. Unfortunately, that kind of information is becoming largely useless when market values are driven upward relentlessly anyway by inflation.

There is no question that the best stock tips of yesterday are of little value today. If you really want some good advice about the market, prepare yourself to be shocked. These tips are a little unorthodox, to say the least.

The Best Stock Tips for 2013

• Get Out of Bonds

All the big investors and the market-watchers are beginning to talk about the bond bubble. With the fiscal cliff debate in the past now, the US government has continued to dig itself deeper into debt. Bonds were once the sanctuaries for your money. Investing in them now is just asking for default.

• Get Out of Cash

Do not retreat into cash, either, when stocks look bad. Inflation is worse than the government number crunchers let on. You might as well dig a hole in your back yard and bury it rather than invest in CDs.

• Buy Precious Metals

A lot of respected figures spent years bashing the gold bugs. They assured everyone that the gold bubble would burst. A decade later, those voices are silent. Every major player in the world market, including governments, is buying silver, gold and the other precious metals.

You can invest in precious metals with exchange-traded funds (ETFs).  Turning to these innovative investment schemes may be one of the best stock tips any one will ever give you.

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