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Beat the Bond Rates by Trading Canadian Penny Stocks

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Trading Canadian Penny Stocks

Trading Canadian Penny Stocks is the Way to go

Trading Canadian penny stocks offers every investor an opportunity to produce some significant revenues even while much of their portfolio remains parked in asset protection investments. Canadian penny stocks tend to be primary economy stocks, which is to say that they are often companies that produce real assets from stocks of raw materials. Mining and petroleum stocks are classic north of the border listings, which only makes sense on account of the vast patrimony of natural resources that Canada contains.

Some Worthy Candidates for Trading Canadian Penny Stocks

Yukon-Nevada Gold Corporation (YNG-T) recently announced a large increase in the amount of provable reserves in its Jerritt Canyon mining property. The more than 20 percent increase over previous reserve levels adds an additional 400,000+ ounces of recoverable gold to its total holdings.

Petroamerica Oil Corporation (PTA-X) has recently been active in South American oil exploration projects, which is also true for many other Canadian oil companies as well. PTA has been looking to expand the current boundaries of the Balay field located in Colombia’s Llanos Basin region. The stock has popped off its yearly low of .08 and currently trades at .10, which made for a nice 25% profit.

A company which makes its money off of providing management expertise to penny stock mining and oil services companies is CVTech Group Incorporated (CVT-T). While many companies excel at field exploration, they often lack the superior managerial resources that enable them to reliably profit from their lucrative discoveries. CVTech recently announced almost 40 million dollars of new management contracts that will undoubtedly boost its stock performance as these agreements come into force.

Over time, trading Canadian penny stocks has proven to be a good way to extract high returns from a portion of an otherwise conservatively positioned portfolio.

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