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Picking The Best Penny Stock 2012

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And The Winner of The Best Penny Stock 2012 Is…

Best Penny Stock 2012

There are a number of metrics that could be used to pick the best penny stock 2012. Price appreciation is certainly one of them. A lot more goes into such a distinction, however. Many penny stocks achieve an abrupt pop for virtually no reason at all, and then sink back into well-deserved obscurity. With this in mind, the best penny stock needs to be something with genuine promise of continued future performance.

 Some Contenders for the Title of Best Penny Stock 2012

•             Free Seas Incorporated (FREE) has seen significant upward movement prior to the recent pullback. The company is also a serious operating enterprise in a real industry, shipping. Finally, it has gone up more than 120%. All of these factors make it an attractive candidate. Unfortunately, the approaching double-dip global recession bodes ill for shipping demand.

•             Joe’s Jeans (JOEZ) has nearly tripled in price over the 52-week window. Like many other manufacturers, Joe’s Jeans has been offshoring back to North America away from China. While QA issues have hurt their new line of Mexico-made products, Joe’s placement with major retailers such as Macy’s speaks well of their future opportunities.

•             It would be easy to assume that a stock named Goldfields (GV) is a mining operation, but it is actually a utility infrastructure stock that builds power lines for regional utility companies.  Goldfields abruptly jumped from trading in the .30-.40 range to a quick 1.16. With the demand for electrical power continuously growing, Goldfields looks set to graduate out of the ranks of penny stocks.

Any one of these stocks could well end up as the winner. Of course, the contest for best penny stock 2012 still has a long way to run and new challengers could easily emerge to contend for the crown.

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