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Cheap Stock Trading Options

How Cheap Stock Trading Can Help You

cheap stock trading

Cheap stock trading strategies are important, especially if you are working with a small amount of money or if you are planning to survive on small returns. The fees which brokers apply to trades can sometimes ruin the potential gains you might have made. When you look for a broker with low fees, you also need to remember that many brokers use charges other than those applied to each trade. These unseen fees can really hurt.


Some Cheap Stock Trading Brokers

If you want to find the broker with the absolute lowest fees applied to each trade, Sogo Trade might be cheapest. This broker charges just $3 per trade. Furthermore, there are no penalties for inactivity and they do not charge maintenance fees. Best of all, they protect the first $500,000 of customer funds in addition to allowing such cheap stock trading.

Zecco is another online stock broker that offers many possibilities for investors who are in need of cheap stock trading. Their basic trade costs just $4.95. If you keep $25,000 in your fund or you make 25 trades or more per month, then they will grant you 10 free trades for the next month. Benefits like these are sometimes overlooked.

Options House is a new online broker. If you are looking for cheap stock trading, though, you will have a hard time beating their $3.95 rate. They also have excellent customer service. Though the name suggests otherwise, you can make all sorts of trades with this broker and you are not limited to options and other contracts.

The $3 trades at Sogo Trade are practically impossible to beat. They back up this inexpensiveness with technology that provides the most up to date information available. They are the clear leaders in cheap stock trading.

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