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A Quick Glance at Chinese Penny Stocks to Buy

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Thinking About Chinese Penny Stocks to Buy?

Chinese Penny Stocks To BuyCombine the growth of China’s economy with the earning potential of low-priced stocks with Chinese penny stocks to buy. This creates an opportunity that many traders cannot pass up. If you want to ride the same wave that is carrying the Chinese economy to financial world leadership, take a look at some of the best Chinese penny stocks on the market right now.

These stocks come from all over the Chinese economy. Like many other promising penny stocks, these investments include shares in energy and technology. All of these Chinese penny stocks to buy have great potential because their present value is so low but each has something in its fundamentals suggesting future possibilities.

Chinese Penny Stocks to Buy Now

•             China Green Energy Industries (CGRE) – This is one of the most admired Chinese penny stocks.

•             China Marketing Media (CMKM) – This media stock is valued at an incredibly low 15 cents.  You can get 10,000 shares of its potential with just $100.

•             Xinhua Sports & Entertainment Limited (XSELY.PK) – Several penny stock tips have trumpeted great expectations for this Chinese penny stock.

•             China Transinfo Technology Group (CTFO) – This stock is valued a little higher than the other Chinese penny stocks to buy at $3.39. However, it has to be included because its past performance suggests a continued climb and more profits.

•             China Direct Industries, Inc. (CDII) – This popular penny stock is presently trading at around one dollar. Expect it to do great things if the Chinese market continues to be strong.

•             OBN Holding (OBNI) – The share price for this penny stock is less than six cents. That gives it the power to generate huge returns with the right influence.

•             Nyxio Tech Corp (NYXO.PK) – This is the most promising of the best Chinese penny stocks to buy.

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