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Where To Find Stock Moving Facebook News

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Staying Ahead of Facebook News To Profit From FB Stock Moves

Facebook NewsTo profit from Facebook’s stock (NASDAQ:  FB) periodic fluctuations, traders need to get ahead of stock moving Facebook news.  Facebook logged a disappointing performance after the company’s Initial Public Offering (IPO) during the spring of 2012.  After a series of negative news stories immediately after the IPO, the Facebook news started to turn more positive, and the stock responded by moving higher.  How Facebook trades in the months and years ahead will be largely driven by the Facebook news flow, which is why it is important to figure out how to stay on top of the Facebook news flow, if a trader wants to trade Facebook’s stock successfully.

While Facebook has gotten off to a rocky start as a public company, this is by no means an indication of how Facebook’s stock FB will perform in the long run.  The stock market is fickle.  A stock that is down and out can turn on a dime, if the news associated with the stock turns positive; which is why traders interested in trading Facebook’s stock need to find good sources for Facebook news.

Examining The Facebook News Sources

The easiest way to follow Facebook news is to add “Facebook” as a news topic in Google News and set it to “Always” show Facebook news.  This will set up a subheading in Google News called “Facebook” that will display the latest Facebook news that comes through the Google News filter.  Another option provided by Google to follow Facebook news is set up a “Facebook” keyword alert in Google News, so that stories that include Facebook in the title are emailed to a selected email account.

To get ahead of the curve regarding Facebook news, a website called (, which is known as “The Unofficial Facebook Blog”, is a good place to gain insight into Facebook developments and news before they hit the major news outlets. is owned and operated by an Internet media company called WebMediaBrands, Inc. (NASDAQ:WEBM).

For more active Facebook stock traders, more timely stock alert news services, such as The Fly On The Wall ( should be considered to receive breaking Facebook news as soon as possible, so Facebook stock trades can be made based on breaking Facebook news stories.  Facebook is one of the most monitored stocks on Wall Street, and therefore it has great potential to make significant moves when breaking Facebook news stories are released.

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