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Filtering Out Malicious Free Stock Picks Sites

Avoiding Free Stock Picks Sites with Worthless Information

Free Stock PicksTaking advantage of free stock picks is a great way to obtain additional information before investing; the problem is the source of this information could be malicious.  Scammers have been tricking people out of their hard earned money for centuries.  The idea of getting something free draws a lot of people in and is a great way to pass off worthless information.  There are a few things to watch out for when visiting these free sites and a few indicators on a quality website.

 Free Stock Picks that are Freely Visible are Often Fraudulent

The first thing to understand is that there are a lot of unscrupulous people out there.  Investors who bought a penny stock that has gone down or remained stagnant will work with malicious websites to fabricate information; they will make their worthless stock look like a good idea and try to unload the bad investment on someone else.  A website that has free stock picks visible on the home page is definitely a warning sign; if they are not requiring a person to sign up or provide an e-mail address, then there is little honest gain for the website owner.  A website that is just telling a person what to invest in, without trying to provide basic training is another attempt to take advantage of naïve investors.

The most important tip is not to blindly follow another source’s advice.  Doing a bit of personal research is often enough to filter through all the scams.  Using tip websites to provide a starting point to begin research is a smart way to take advantage of the information.  An honest website is one that is trying to get return visitors; they will do this by trying to teach or help those that make use of the website.  Free stock picks are helpful when looking for a new investment, but be wary of scammers.

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