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Hot Stock Tips for an Uncertain Time in the Market

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Hot Stock Tips

Looking for Some Hot Stock Tips?

If you want to navigate the choppy waters of the market this year, you will need to take advantage of all the hot stock tips that you can find. The fiscal cliff debate is well behind everyone now but that does not mean that the coast is clear. There are several uncertainties confronting investors even as stock prices seem to make a general climb. People are naturally concerned about inflation as the US government runs huge debts and man ages an ongoing quantitative easing program. Traditional refuges, such as cash and bonds, have been called into question as well.

Hot Stock Tips for February 2013

Here are some hot stock tips that might help you endure through this period.


This stock had a difficult 2012, to say the least. However, that should not necessarily scare you off. It is often these moments that prove most profitable. Hot stock tips suggest that the low point has been reached. Get in before the stock resumes an advance.  In February, this company’s new CEO will make a strategic review whose results could trigger a turnaround.


This company has had a similar bout of trouble with its share price. However, a change in leadership in January and a possible platform for recovery with regard to defense spending should push this stock back up.

Coastal Energy

The energy market has given investors a roller coaster ride in recent years. However, hot stock tips suggest this company is showing promise in Southeast Asia. Production in existing fields has boosted to 340,000 barrels per day. The company has two new exploration rigs as well.

These are just three of the many companies with some potential right now. Expect more hot stock tips as other possible winners emerge from the pack.

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