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Keep Track of Your Stocks with a Penny Stock Alert

Penny Stock Alert

What Is a Penny Stock Alert?

A penny stock alert is anything that lets you know how your penny stocks are doing. Most alerts come as part of an investment software package. Investment software usually performs a number of other functions as well. It allows you to research and trade stocks and it gives you the opportunity to track your investments and map trends. If you only want to use the stock alert, however, you may find that investment software is simply too expensive.

Fortunately, expensive investment software is not the only place that you can find a penny stock alert. Many online trading platforms include alert functions. While some of these trading platforms are as expensive to use as their software counterparts, others are completely free. This means that no matter how much you are willing to spend on your investment platform, you should be able to find a package that includes an alert function.

How Do You Use a Penny Stock Alert?

A penny stock alert can be used in a number of ways. If you have your eye on a specific stock, but are waiting for it to reach a certain price, you can program the alert to tell you when it is time to make your move. If you are waiting for just the right moment to sell a stock, your alert function can tell you this as well. The great thing about an alert is that is never makes decisions for you. It neither buys nor sells stocks without your say. It simply alerts you to the fact that a stock has started moving. The type of movement of which you are alerted, and your response, are completely up to you.

Stock alerts can happen in a number of ways. The alerts may appear on the dashboard of your trading program or they may be sent to your email. Today, most investors prefer that their penny stock alert is sent to their smart phone or other mobile device for easy access and quick response.

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