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Looking at a List of Penny Stock

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What You Want to See on a List of Penny Stock

List Of Penny StockAs varied as these low-priced stocks are, there are a number of characteristics shared by the members of a list of penny stock. These stocks usually originate in sectors of the economy that are currently booming. They can also demonstrate quality with their balance sheets. In other words, they are not simply names on a slip of paper that someone has hyped as part of a pump and dump scheme.

A good list of penny stock typically contains shares from companies that work in energy, pharmaceuticals, social media, biotech, precious metals and other hot sectors. Penny stocks in these areas are popular because they can generate returns even if they do not end up completely successful. When these sectors get active and there is a high volume in trading, other stocks in the same sector can experience momentary increases. With a penny stock, it only takes a slight positive adjustment to create incredible profits.

These stocks are on every great list of penny stock because their sectors are very important in the economy now. Precious metals and energy have been particularly volatile in the last few years. That volatility is good for penny stock investors because it can turn their small investments into much larger stakes while they risk very little.

A Good List of Penny Stock for Today

The following list of penny stock is not a top 10 list. However, these stocks are all from the right areas of the economy and they are all experiencing some significant volume right now. Research them for more information.

•             Hemispherix BioPharma, Inc. – A pharmaceuticals company that has seen 120% growth recently.

•             Westinghouse Solar, Inc. – Expect more renewable energy companies to appear on such lists soon.

•             Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. – Conversion and storage of energy is another theme you should see on a future list of penny stock.

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