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Micro Investing Creates Alternative Returns

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The Returns of Micro Investing

micro investing

Some experienced investors turn to micro investing in order to get a different sort of return out of their investment. It is easy to feel disconnected from anything humanly significant when you deal with numbers on computer screen all day. The possibilities in micro investing allow traders to use their investment skills while they derive an unexpected satisfaction from seeing how their investments work with their own eyes.

Elements in Micro Investing

Micro investing is essentially investment in small projects that are not publicly traded companies. However, this should not be confused with some sort of charity work or loan programs for small businesses. One of the goals of such investments is generating profit. However, investing this way also allows traders to see the effect of their investments. This is not the case with most investments that traders make. They often know little more about a company in which they invest than the name and some business fundamentals. When they invest at this level, they will know the company leaders by name and may even be able to give advice about operations and finances.

Outside of financial gains, there are some other returns that traders seek when they participate in micro investing. Many are looking to promote social good when they invest in these small projects. They can see how their investment creates jobs and furthers the goals of the company, which often include the advancement of some technology or industrial method that will better peoples’ lives somehow.

Other traders micro-invest on the side because it allows them to feel useful. They may make a lot of money with their regular investments but they are left feeling like the only thing that they know how to do is move numbers around on a computer screen.  Micro investing shows them the good outcomes of their work.

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