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NYSE Penny Stocks That Have Made Huge Gains

Trading NYSE Penny Stocks

NYSE Penny StocksNYSE penny stocks are fairly rare because NYSE listed stocks that fall below $1 per share are often delisted from the NYSE and trade elsewhere, such as the Over The Counter Bulletin Board (OTC BB) or the OTC Markets (Pink Sheets) stock quotation systems.  However, there are times when NYSE listed companies come under severe financial duress and trade below $1 per share as penny stocks, and then recover to much higher trading levels and remain on the NYSE.  The key to trading NYSE penny stocks is to tread lightly, do a lot of research, and have a quick trading finger.  While NYSE penny stocks can offer tremendously profitable trading opportunities, they can also turn into trading busts and lose a great amount value.  It is important to monitor the news when trading NYSE penny stocks and to sell any long positions if the stock appears to be either ready to undergo a reverse stock split to stay on the NYSE or if the stock is going to be delisted from the NYSE.  Detailed research into NYSE penny stocks’ future prospects can often help NYSE penny stock traders find the diamonds in the rough that are poised to recover and eventually trade well above $1 per share in the future.

NYSE Penny Stocks That Made Significant Moves Higher

While past performance is never an indication of future gains in the stock market, the following examples of NYSE penny stocks that went from under $1 per share and now trade for many times more than $1 per share provide some indication of the types of NYSE penny stock opportunities that are available on the NYSE from time to time.

GGP – General Growth Properties is a real-estate investment trust that manages shopping malls, office buildings, and retail properties throughout the United States.  Due to the credit market seizure in late 2008, GGP fell to below 35 cents per share, as the company headed for bankruptcy.  Since then, GGP has emerged from bankruptcy and recovered to trade around $20 per share.

PIR Pier One Imports is a specialty retailer of imported decorative home furnishings and gifts.  As a result of the housing crash in the United States in 2008 and 2009, Pier One’s sales plummeted and so did the company’s stock, hitting a low of 11 cents in 2009.  Since then, PIR has recovered to trade above $20 per share.

BBX Capital Corporation (formerly BankAtlantic Bancorp) is a real estate investment and specialty finance company.  The company came upon hard times in the wake of the 2008 and 2009 financial crisis, and traded below 50 cents per share in October 2011, at which point the company’s stock underwent a 1 for 5 reverse split, which valued the post-split shares at approximately $2.25 per share.   Since then, BBX has traded up to $8 per share for a more than 300% gain since the reverse split, and is an example of a NYSE penny stock that underwent a reverse split and then continued higher in price, as the company’s fortunes improved.

MED – Medifast produces, distributes, and sells weight management and disease management products, and other consumable health and diet products.  The company operates in a very competitive market and almost failed, with its stock price falling below 15 cents per share in 2000.  MED has been one of the biggest winners amongst NYSE penny stocks, and now trades above $20 per share.

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