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Online Stock Trading: The Exchange of the New Millennium

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Online Stock Trading: A Short History

Online Stock TradingOnly a few decades ago, nobody was interested in online stock trading. Investors were restricted to the trading room floor, forced to live in major cities and forced to work during regular hours in order to make their investments. Some even learned Arb, a complex system of hand signals used to communicate with other buyers and sellers in the pit. While the pit trading system continues to be used today, many exchanges began to move toward electronic platforms in the 1980’s. The London Stock Exchange was the first to convert to electronic trading in 1986. It was the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, however, that was the first to go global. The Globex trading platform was introduced in 1992. It gave investors the ability to trade futures from their homes and offices as well as from the exchange itself. Today, Globex can be accessed through the internet, along with a myriad of other online stock trading platforms. 

Why Online Stock Trading Is Taking the World by Storm

The popularity of online stock trading should come as no surprise to those with experience in the trading world. Not only do online platforms allow investors to trade from anywhere in the world, but they need not conform to regular trading hours. Many online systems are open twenty-four hours a day. Because investors do not need to contact a broker in order to buy or sell stocks, they can make decisions, and investments, at their own pace.

Many investors use online platforms in conjunction with trading software. Software programs can help analyze market trends based on input data. They can help investors organize and keep track of their investments. They can even be programmed to automatically buy or sell stocks at a preset time. With all of the tools now available to investors, it is no wonder that online stock trading has taken the world by storm.

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