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Secure The Future With A Penny Stock Purchase

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A Penny Stock Purchase Is The Only Way To Find The Next Apple

Penny Stock Purchase

There are many investors who look upon a penny stock purchase as a form of gambling. It is also one of the few investments that offer any real upside potential, as opposed to the sure but steady gains traditionally associated with picking stocks.  Given the extreme volatility in today’s financial markets, however, all stocks have become somewhat of a gamble. Even the surest thing has become a shot in the dark due to the wildly swinging currency markets. With this fact in mind, it only makes sense to allocate a portion of any well-balanced portfolio towards speculative plays that might produce handsome gains in short periods of time.

 A Penny Stock Purchase For Your Thoughts

California-based Radient Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXPC) is a once high flying stock that has been battered down into penny stock purchase territory. Having risen as high as 30.00 in the middle of 2010, it has now dropped to .02 a share. There is hope for the company in the form of a new non-invasive cancer test product, and the price is certainly down in the nothing to lose range already.

Given the threat posed by industrial espionage, Strikeforce Technologies is a company that may well be worth watching.  Strikeforce (SFOR) specializes in anti-keylogging technology. Keylogging is a method wherein a remote user logs every keystroke made on a target computer and uses the information gleaned to penetrate the system. Strikeforce encrypts the key strokes so that they are useless to hackers. The company is also deploying new protective technologies for mobile devices such as the iPad and smart phones. Currently trading in the .01 range, SFOR is only one client away from revisiting its .048 highs of the year and moving beyond.

 Making a penny stock purchase is one way of balancing out the downside risk involved in major stocks trading in a skittish market.

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