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The Advantages of Trading Penny Stocks And Shares

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How to Trade Penny Stocks and Shares

Penny Stocks And SharesTrading penny stocks and sharesis not complicated. They are much like other stock opportunities, except that their values are much lower. There is one crucial distinction in penny stocks and shares that many other people overlook. These investments can create exponential returns in the blink of an eye.

Since their initial value is so small, penny stocks and shares can give back proportionally huge returns after just the slightest surge in price. However, while some companies create profits from a slow, steady rise in stock process, many penny stocks and shares will undergo phenomenal price shifts in just minutes, only to reverse those gains or losses a few moments later. To be a successful trader in this arena, you must be able to operate quickly and sell your shares as quickly as you bought them.

As an example, consider a penny stock that is worth just 50 cents. If that stock experiences a 10 cent rise in value, it may not sound like much. It certainly does not sound significant if you usually trade in large cap stocks. However, that would mean an increase of 20% in the total value of your investment.

 Where to Find Penny Stocks and Shares

Since they usually represent the capitalization of companies that are very small or that have simply not managed to file with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), penny stocks and shares cannot be found on the major stock exchanges. Instead, you must purchase them in over-the counter (OTC) transactions. In this market, you will buy the stocks from their present holder with none of the supervision that is provided by the SEC on the New York Stock Exchange. Due to this lack of supervision, trading penny stocks and shares is only for the most capable traders.

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