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From Traditional to Modern: Finding the Best Penny Stocks Finder

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Old Fashioned Penny Stocks Finder

Penny Stocks FinderThe simplest type of penny stocks finder is actually the oldest. Paper publications such as the Pink Sheets and the Over the Counter Bulletin Board (OTCBB) have traditionally competed to be the top penny stocks listing service. They both have advantages and disadvantages. The Pink Sheets are more or less unregulated. Any stock that does not meet the standards of the regular market can be listed. While this gives Pink Sheets subscribers the greatest number of options, a complete lack of regulation can be dangerous. Companies can be difficult to research and stocks can be difficult to predict. The OTCBB, on the other hand, requires all listed stocks to be registered with the SEC. This gives investors an extra layer of protection. They do not have access to as many penny stocks as they do on the Pink Sheets.

  Penny Stocks Finder for a Modern World

Aside from the two paper listing services, the most popular penny stocks finder is the internet. There are numerous tip sheets and even a few search engines that allow investors to search for specific stocks. Online search methods come with their own benefits and risks. They are updated much more quickly than paper publications and it is much easier to customize searches. While it is up to the investor to scan through the Pink Sheets and OTCBB and identify the best stocks, the internet requires only search terms. Online software does the hard work for investors. There is more than one online penny stocks finder, however, and it can be difficult to find one that is truly objective and reliable. Online tip sheets promote many of the over-the-counter world’s biggest scams and some sheets are even owned by the companies whose stocks they sell. That said, the diversity of the internet generally outweighs the risks and many investors believe that it is the best penny stocks finder.


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