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Finding Value In Penny Stocks Under 10 Dollars

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Penny Stocks Under 10 Dollars Really Make The Grade

Penny Stocks Under 10

While most people think of penny stocks as being valued in the pennies, the truth is that the formal definition includes many penny stocks under 10 dollars per share in value. These penny stock Cadillac’s are ones that have managed to stay alive through the lean years after startup and are now poised to advance into the ranks of the big boys.

Some Prime Penny Stocks Under 10 Dollars

Share prices of S & W Seed Company (SANW) seem to be growing nicely these days. The company specializes in proprietary alfalfa seeds designed for cold climates. As many formerly isolated regions in Asia open up to trade with the world, S & W appears to be reaping a bumper crop of new customers. From a yearly low of 3.00, S & W has climbed up to the 6.00 plateau and it appears ready to move higher still.

Another winning penny stock under 10 is Cryocell (CCEL), which specializes in stem cells from umbilical cords. As the technology ripens and ethical guidelines are hammered out, Cryocell sees its price trending ever upwards. Currently moving in the 2.20 – 2.40 range, CCEL has risen as high as 3.67 this year, and the stock chart shows plenty of impulses towards rapid advancement.

For those interested in a more traditionally priced penny stock, gold producer Atna Resources (ATN) has pulled back slightly under current conditions but it is ready to resume its upward march as soon as the next round of bad economic news emerges. Currently trading right around 1.00, ATN is just off of its yearly high of 1.54. It is already testing a return to those levels even in the face of the present wait-and-see attitude towards metal producers.

From a percentage standpoint, mature penny stocks under 10 offer one of the market’s best opportunities for profit.

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