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Stock Market Tips in an Unusual Market

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Stock Market Tips

Good Stock Market Tips for General Use

Stock market tips are not necessarily aimed at making instant fortunes. In general, the best stock market tips are those that you can apply to any situation rather than just during a brief window of opportunity. As 2013 gets underway, there are some key things that you should keep in mind about the market. Many investors are expecting a major paradigm shift before this year is out. If you are not ready for it, you could end up losing a lot of money.

Stock Market Tips for 2013

• Bonds Are Bad

When things get rough in the market, traders are accustomed to using bonds and cash as familiar sanctuaries. Unfortunately, these lines of retreat are not looking so useful anymore. There is an overabundance of bonds, as the government seems to rack up mountains of debt every year heedlessly.

More than a few major investors have become noticeably spooked by bonds and they are looking for ways to get out of them. Their stock market tips are to avoid buying more. There is a growing lack of confidence that these bonds will all be paid back.

• Precious Metals Are Good

Many billionaire investors have begun to buy gold and silver in abundance. Some major funds are dedicating double-digit percentages to precious metals as the world economy falters.

• Energy Is a Mixed Bag

Energy has always been a good bet for investment according to the usual stock market tips. It did particularly well in the last few years. However, no one seems to be sure about what is going to happen with oil in the near future. Furthermore, all those green energy stocks that people crowed about also seem to be indecisive.

Keep these things in mind as the year progresses. New stock market tips may become evident as things develop.

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