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Stock Tips to Wake You Up for 2012

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Stock Tips

Who Needs Stock Tips?

Beginners and experts alike can profit from quality stock tips and reminders. The stock market is a constantly changing environment but people typically resist change. It is easy to learn a few key methods for trading and later deny the need to change with the times. Well-timed stock tips can break you out of a rut and alert you to the new reality in the market.

2012 Stock Tips

The present is a great time for new stock tips. The reality of the stock market is wholly different from the situation in which most investors found themselves just four years ago. The total value of the stock market has recovered well but this hides underlying realities. Inflation has devalued the dollar. The value of gold has soared. Many companies have succumbed to debt and to a faltering economy.

Debt in the fundamentals of a company is more important than ever. The best stock tips for anyone actively investing right now would direct him or her to first review only the companies that have avoided debt as much as possible. Once the heavily indebted companies have been excluded, investors should focus their research on companies that deal in technology, energy or precious metals.

These three areas of the market have done phenomenally over the last few years. Other stocks have struggled to keep their heads above water but stocks from these sectors are having more success than any other investments. You can invest in technology by buying shares but the possible methods for investing in the other options are various. You can either buy gold or invest in companies that explore, mine or refine this precious metal. Energy investments include oil rig construction, oil company securities and green energy stocks. Remember that stock tips are only good until the market changes again.

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