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Research Starts with Stock Trading Online Reviews

Which Broker Is the Best for Stock Trading Online Reviews?

Stock Trading Online Reviews

It is critically important to read stock trading online reviews for brokers, the fees and commissions that a broker charges can make the difference between a daily profit and a daily loss. This is especially true if you make a lot of trades per day. Some brokers offer a limited number of free trades to draw you in but then charge high fees later. Others charge low fees but have restrictive requirements for their accounts. To find a broker that suits you, look at these stock trading online reviews and see which broker seems best.

Five Stock Trading Online Reviews

•             Scottrade – If you like having the option of a face-to-face meeting, then this is the broker for you. Scottrade has more than 500 local offices to support their online interfaces with traders. They charge a $7 flat fee per trade.

•             Interactive Brokers – This broker is known for its low trading charges and its useful research tools. However, it does require a minimum of $10,000 to start an account and reviews suggest that its customer service is less than perfect.

•             Fidelity – They charge a little more than Scottrade at $7.95 per trade and they only request opening balances of $2,500. The only drawback might be its relative lack of mobile apps.

•             TD Ameritrade – This broker has higher fees. It charges $9.99 for every trade. However, almost everyone agrees that it has great mobile apps and excellent customer service.

•             Charles Schwab – Their website is easy to use and they offer 24-hour customer service to meet global demands. Their commission charge of $8.95 is a little high.

Do not stop with this list. It is just a starting point. You should research stock trading online reviews as well as you do your own investments.

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