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Buying Stocks For Kids Helps Youth Realize Highest Yields And Best Dividends!

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Purchasing Stocks for Kids Shows How Much You Care

Buying stocks for kids is a great way to introduce youngsters to the investment world. One of the greatest joys of parenthood is watching a youthful countenance brighten when its recipient learns how large an initial investment has become.

Enthusiasm Essential for Effective Education

Inculcating fun is a great way to instill good financial habits. Correlating and associating popular activities and products with stock investing is a very viable strategy.

stocks for kidsNo Time Like Now to Buy Stocks for Kids

Begin investigating various stock offerings while your child is an infant. As he or she grows, use age-appropriate visual aids to illustrate the value of long-term investment.

Diversification Enhances Economic Education

The mainstay of any portfolio of stocks for kids should be slow, steady growth. This ensures the existence of a reliable source of long-term gain to help garner greater understanding of how money grows with time.

Mix it up by pitching in a high-risk penny stock or junk bond. Plot such securities’ volatile value fluctuations on a colorful graph or chart. This helps give your child a good grasp of the relationship between risk and reward.

Compounding children’s interest in compound interest

Buy stock in companies that manufacture and distribute your kids’ favorite soft drink or video game. Explain how large corporations earn profits in order to continue providing new and improved products.

Do some speculation

Sit down with your kids for a brainstorming session about probable future profit makers. For instance, alternative energy stocks portend prolific profitability. Likewise, high-tech firms involved in the development of digital media and interactive entertainment are also desirable.

The Motley Fools is an internationally renowned duo of investment gurus. Per their expert analysis, excellent stocks for kids include:

Stock Symbol    Name of Corporation

DIS        Walt Disney Co.
DWA        Dreamworks Animation
GME        Gamestop, Inc.
HAS        Hasbro
PETM        Petsmart
NTDOY.PK    Nintendo

For further details, see The Motley Fools also offer a free newsletter and valuable investment advice. Specific securities’ historical performance data and archived content pertaining to picking the best stocks for kids are also available at no cost.

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