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The Benefits Of Simulated Stock Trading

Why Use Simulated Stock Trading

Simulated Stock TradingSimulated stock trading involves using computer software to simulate real world stock trading, which can be particularly helpful for stock traders that are new to trading stocks or ones that are trying to explore stock trading strategies that they are unfamiliar with.  Since a lot of real money can be made or lost in the stock market, it is helpful for stock traders to get comfortable with stock trading strategies and techniques using simulated stock trading software, which allows them to trade in a real world stock trading environment without risking real money.

Once a stock trader becomes comfortable with a particular stock trading strategy, the trader can trade with confidence and avoid making errors.  Instead of learning stock trading by trial and error and potentially losing real money in the process, simulated stock trading allows stock traders to learn stock trading strategies and attain confidence in their stock trading abilities, so they are ready to trade using real money.

Where To Find Simulated Stock Trading Software

Finding simulated stock trading software is not difficult.  Many online brokers offer Internet based software that not only allows stock traders to partake in simulated stock trading, but also allows them to back-test their stock trading strategies versus real stock trading outcomes to assess how well their stock trading strategies would likely work in a real world stock trading environment.

For stock traders that prefer to use simulated stock trading software that runs on their computer, there are a number of simulated stock trading software titles to chose from.  Some of the better known simulated stock trading software packages include: Investopedia Stock Simulator, StockTrak Stock Game, TSim+ Trading Sumulator, and Virtual Stock Trader.  There are many simulated stock trading software products available beyond those mentioned above.

Simulated stock trading software products offer a variety of features that are suited to different types of traders.  For example, TSim+ uses live stock data and prices direct from the stock market or futures market that the user chooses, and allows a stock trader to execute “paper trades” that use real stock market data to simulate stock purchase and sell orders, which provides a realistic stock trading experience.

Simulated stock trading software allows stock traders to refine their trading skills without risking real money.   Stock trading mistakes can be made and stock trading lessons learned without losing real money.   An important trait that successful stock traders share is that they trade stocks with confidence, which is something simulated stock trading software can help stock traders gain.

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