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Looking Back at the Top 10 Stocks to Buy for 2012

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The Top 10 Stocks to Buy for 2012

Top 10 Stocks To BuyEvery December, different groups select the top 10 stocks to buyfor the coming year. The following ten stocks were touted by many to be winners in 2012. After a description of the stocks, we will take a look at how they are doing so far.

1.            MAKO Surgical makes medical equipment. In this economic environment, with the health care field booming, many people thought it was a sure bet.

2.            Caterpillar produces farm and construction machinery. This choice is unusual because most of the advancers typically come from sectors that are booming as a whole. It just goes to show that a well-run company can buck the trends and make its stock perform in any economic sector.

3.            Microsoft’s presence on this list should surprise no one. It is not a given that this company will always prevail. However, if you have to choose the top 10 stocks to buy, it makes sense that this perennial winner is one of them.

4.            Alcoa is coming back. This aluminum giant has suffered in recent years but people have expected a turnaround.

5.            Capital One survived the credit crunch of the recession and it was going strong at the end of 2011.

6.            Turkcell is a Turkish company picking up on the growing trend toward wireless communication.

7.            Banco Santander is an interesting choice, given the turmoil among European banks.

8.            FedEx is gaining ground while the USPS slowly withers on the vine. It makes sense to put this among the top 10 stocks to buy.

9.            Arcos Dorados is in the restaurant business.

10.          Hershey can survive bad times because chocolate is always popular, whether we eat it in celebration or to soothe our concerns.

 How the Top 10 Stocks to Buy Have Fared

All but one of these stocks has gained ground as of the end of February, except for Hershey. It has actually lost a few percentage points in value. MAKO, in particular, has had fabulous success with a 58% increase in stock value. This makes it the best of the top 10 stocks to buy.

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