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Use a List of Penny Stocks to Guide Your Investment

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List Of Penny Stocks

How a List of Penny Stocks Can Help

It never occurs to some new investors in the OTC market to rely heavily on a list of penny stocks. They learn the error of their ways when they are overwhelmed by a surfeit of potential candidates for investment. There is no way to make an adequate search of the entire body of penny stocks available. Everyone needs some method with which to reduce the number to a manageable amount.

A list of penny stocks can help in a couple of ways. First of all, when you know that the issuer of the list is trustworthy, this raises your confidence level in your investments. Such a list can also help by demonstrating which sectors are producing the most interesting and profitable opportunities in stocks.

If you look at a list of penny stocks today, you will see that many of them come from one of three particularly volatile sectors that are creating a lot of profits for penny stock investors. Biotech is an increasingly profitable stock opportunity. Agriculture and anything food related is also a good choice for investment as the world population grows and demands more food. Of course, few sectors are producing more winners than the energy sector.

A List of Penny Stocks for 2012

• Cleantech Transit Inc

• EarthFirst Technologies Inc

• Entest Biomedical Inc

• Home Energy Savings Corp

• Cord Blood America Inc

• American Liberty Petroleum

If you look closely at this small but representative list, you will see that biotech, agriculture and energy are overrepresented. These sectors have the highest opportunity for the kind of volatility that makes penny stocks worth the investment. Before investing, make sure that your first move is to consult a list of penny stocks.

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