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Use Daily Stock Tips and Stop Treading Water

Daily Stock Tips

Daily Stock Tips: Because Buy and Hold Does Not Work in Today’s Market

Daily stock tips may sound like they are geared toward day traders. In a sense, they are meant for day traders. After all, if you are a long-term investor, you do not need to make frequent changes or respond to the minutest changes in the market.

However, you should get used to resorting to daily stock tips no matter what kind of investor you are. The dawn of a new stock market is upon you. The old strategy of buy-and-hold is not going to work anymore, except in rare cases. First of all, inflation is erasing many apparent gains when you do hold on to your investments that way. Secondly, day traders have revealed that you can make much more money on the dips and rallies of apparently stagnant stocks.

An Example of Daily Stock Tips for the New Stock Market

Consider the way that Stock X performed in the last year. In January of 2012, it was worth $50 per share. The following January found it sitting at $50.50 per share. Had you held onto it the whole year, you would have achieved a 1% gain that would really mean nothing in the face of inflation these days.

However, consider how Stock X behaved all year and you can see how to make much more money from daily stock tips. In May, it was briefly down at $45. By June, it had risen up to $54. By listening to daily stock tips and getting into this stock just at the low point and selling out at the high, you could have achieved a 20% return on your investment in just one month.

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