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For Those Who Want To Buy Stocks Now

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People Who Want To Buy Stocks Have Lots Of Options To Choose From

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While the continuing cascade of news seems to indicate a down market for 2012, there remain numerous opportunities for those who want to buy stocks. Some of the best plays on today’s market are the homebuilders. These stocks took a severe beating over the past several years and the cash value of their primary asset, land, fell precipitously. Yet the stabilization of land prices and the recent uptick in the number of building permits being issued on a monthly basis seems to indicate that new home buyers are getting back into the game now that all of the juiciest plums have been picked out of the foreclosure pie.

More Options For Those Who Want To Buy Stocks Now

The precious metal sector represents another opportunity for those who want to buy stocks that are ready to escalate. While the price of silver and gold have fallen off their recent highs, continuing instability in the currency markets always drives investors towards the safe haven of bullion plays until currency stabilizes on a long-term basis. Recent news from the Eurozone and China seems to indicate that instability is not just a current issue but one that is likely to accelerate throughout the year.

For those looking at a more speculative play, US fracking stocks offer an intriguing option. Demand for their products is astronomical, and supply considerations are hampered by political factors, which could clear up over the coming year. Even if the current go-slow policy remains in effect in Washington, the industry continues to plow forward regardless. The only real question is whether fracking stocks will make money slowly or quickly. The basics are attractive for people who want to buy stocks that offer good growth prospects, while the opportunity factors of a loosened regulatory regime hold out the chance of a sudden acceleration that more rapidly returns profits to the investor.

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