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Who Is the Best Online Broker for 2013?

Best Online Broker

Finding the Best Online Broker in 2013

It is natural to want only the best online broker for your stock trading in 2013. This year promises to be tricky with a number of issues complicating the market. Government debts probably form one of the biggest concerns but they are not the only potential sources of volatility.

If you are going to navigate the stormy investment waters this year, then you need the best online broker for your particular goals. Some traders need cheap trading fees more than anything else because they trade often and fast. Others need variety in their trading alternatives, such as easy and inexpensive access to options trading. None of the available platforms qualifies as the best online broker in an all-around sense. Instead, you should take a close look at some of the top contenders and choose the best online broker for your needs.

Which Is the Best Online Broker for You?

• OptionsXpress

Many traders rank this broker very highly, even though the base rate for trades is a relatively high $9.95. However, this company does not charge an account maintenance fee. Furthermore, it is virtually alone in offering broker-assisted orders at no additional cost.

• TradeKing

If you want cheap trades, you can find them here. TradeKing charges just $3.95 per stock trade. There is no account maintenance fee and they utilize an advantageous tiered commission structure.

• Charles Schwab

Individual trades cost $8.95 here. However, this fee applies to options trading as well. Many other services tack on exorbitant extra charges for providing that trading opportunity.

These are just a few of the top brokers. Look over their approaches to trading in order to decide which is the best online broker for you.

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