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BRWC (Boreal Water Collection, Inc.)


brwc logoBoreal Water Collection Inc. (BRWC) is a New York based high end private labeled bottle water company who has launched a full and diverse line of various types of water.

Products such as functional enhanced water, carbonated water, infused water, flavor still or sparkling water, vitamin and mineral enhanced water, electrolyte water, oxygenated water, alkaline water, distilled water, and natural spring water are all current products that BRWC offers its clients and customers for any domestic or international publicity, marketing, promotion, and event. Additionally, the company allows its clients to create their own private label water with made-to-order labels and distinctive water containers. Previous and current clients include the Ritz Carlton, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dean & DeLuca, 3M, Nikon, Mercedes, the W Hotels, Porsche, BMW Balance Water, AUDI, Hugo Boss, Aldo, Guess, Tommy Hilfiger, the Quin Hotel, Bouchon Bakery, Re/Max, and Princeton University. Such clients are avid fans of BRWC’s bottled water due to the company’s exclusive access to thousands of millions of gallons of water from two pristine and abundant springs located in the untouched wilds of Canada and the prestigious Catskill Mountains in New York where a natural filtration system has existed naturally for over 60 years.

Currently, the company holds an extensive distribution network in North America with its warehouses located across the U.S. However, BRWC has Expanded its Distribution to a potential $8 million Annual Distribution Agreement in Asia as the company has penetrated into the Taiwan and Chinese markets. High interest is being received from the Asian market due to BRWC’s new product launch of Boreal Baby Water, a vitamin and mineral rich water made for expectant mothers and their growing babies. Thus far, the company has already completed a $24 million private label agreement in Asia and has received its first order for BRWC’s Catskill Mountain Spring Water which will be branded as CATSKY.


Symbol: BRWC  [ Current PPS: $0.013  Outstanding Shares: 333M  Float: 68.6M – a/o September 15, 2014 ]

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Website(s):  www.BorealWater.com



  • The U.S Bottle Water Market totaled $13 billion in 2013.
  • Global Bottles Water Market exceed $157 billion in 2013
  • Market research forecasts the Bottled Water Market will total $125 billion by 2015
  • In 2012, 9.67 billion gallons of bottled water was consumed in the U.S
  • Approximately 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated.
  • According to Transparency Market Research, China is the most active participant in the bottled water market.
  • Asia Pacific accounted for 33% of the global bottled water demand in 2013 with a value at approximately $157.27 billion and is expected to reached $279.65 billion by 2020.
  • Currently, an estimated 1 billion people in the world do not have safe drinking water
  • By 2025, 48 countries will struggle to find water and by 2030


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