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CCTC Clean Coal Technologies


Symbol:           CCTC

Website:    www.cleancoaltechnologiesinc.com


Outstanding Shares:       871.7M

Float:                                      760.2M


Clean Coal Technologies Inc. (CCTC) is a clean energy company, headquartered in New York, which uses multiple patented technologies to covert raw coal into a cleaner and more efficient fuel source.

Through proven science and tried-and-tested industrial components, CCTC has developed a pre-combustion technology, known as Pristine-M, which is designed to eliminate moisture from coal and will not re-absorb that moisture during transportation. Likewise, the company’s other technology, Pristine, will extract the volatile chemicals found in coal and will significantly reduce the levels of toxic air pollutants such as mercury and sulfur.

According to the International Energy Agency, coal’s share of the global energy mix is expected to surpass oil and become the world’s top energy source by 2017. As so, in order to remain as a viable fuel source, the reduction of pollutants is a necessity therefore, CCTC will Construct a Plant in Oklahoma to do just that. The company’s modules, Pristine and Pristine-M, will handle 167,000 and 240,000 tons per annum, respectively. Additionally, the company has recently retained a company to design and build a batch processor to Increase Capability at the Plant. This new equipment will create the company’s ability to process 20-25lbs of raw coal in batches.

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