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CGHC Capital Group Holdings


Symbol:      CGHC

Website:     www.capitalgroupholdings.com


Outstanding Shares:         83M

Float:                                     40.8M


Capital Group Holdings Inc. (CGHC) is a Arizona based Health and Wellness Company who, through its subsidiaries, is meeting patient health care demands by providing broad access to telehealth services in conjunction with seven urgent care clinics in the state of Arizona.

Urgent Care Clinics were created in the 1970’s as an alternative to physician practices that provide walk-in treatment for acute illness or any injury that is not limb or life threatening and for conditions beyond the scope of retail clinics.

By way of one of its wholly owned subsidiaries, OneHealth Urgent Care, CGHC is utilizing state-of-the-art technology to provide the highest level of medical service and defeat the U.S average for patient wait times. As a result of providing on-site x-ray imaging and laboratory testing, CGHC has maintained almost 100% patient satisfaction rating and is recognized by major insurance carriers such as Aetna, Medicare and Medicaid, Blue Cross/ Blue Shield, United Healthcare, Banner Health Plan, TriCare, Arizona Foundation, and many more. Similarly, the company’s second wholly owned subsidiary, OneHeatlhPass, is providing patient-centric telehealth services where the company will engage with physician networks to supply 24/7 telephone consultations to board-certified physicians. Additionally, this platform and third party medical services will be accessible by members and can be managed from any telephone, internet, or wireless network.

Presently, there are 9,400 facilities in the U.S where the majority of the urgent care centers are small businesses that operate 1-3 clinics and may not have access to state-of-the-art electronic records, equipment, and infrastructure. The company currently operates seven clinics in Arizona and has recently announced their Expansion Plans to increase the number of urgent care clinics. Likewise, CGHC has maintained an active presence in the company’s Television Campaigning, reaching over one million households a month and has additionally launched a Spanish-Language TV Ad  as they have observed the Hispanic population in Arizona has substantially increased from 1.29 million in 2000 to 1.89 million in 2010.

Further preparation for expansion includes the company’s recent Appointment of a Healthcare Expert Executive, Noel J. Guillama, as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr. Guillama is a nationally recognized lecturer and expert in numerous sectors of healthcare including healthcare management, use of technology in healthcare, facilities operations, payers, and insurance, and provider network development.

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