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Consider Buying Coffee Stocks


Why Coffee Stocks Stay Strong

coffee stocksEven in a world caught in the throes of recession and economic decline, coffee stocks can provide a safe haven for investors. Many of these stocks continue to experience growth while others wither on the vine. They may not be as exciting as energy or precious metal investments, but coffee stocks, in their own way, represent another commodity that seems to have lasting value.

Even as people cut corners in their budgets and companies try to find ways to reduce overhead, coffee remains in high demand. Apparently, this refreshment is one of the last things that people and businesses will trim from their spending schedules. This is good news for coffee producers and coffee stocks.

Examples of Strong Coffee Stocks

As of July, the Coffee Holding Co. had achieved a return of more than 600 percent YTD. This company had a market cap of just $27 million one year ago, Now its market cap is more than $140 million.

Coffee Roasters Inc. is a coffee stocks from a much larger company, yet it has seen a similar growth pattern. Its market cap one year ago was already more than $3 billion. Since then it has grown to nearly $15 billion.

Peet’s Coffee and Tea is a business somewhere in between the size of these previous two. In the last year, its market cap has grown from about $500 million to nearly $800 million. Its profits last year totaled almost $20 million.

Starbucks is the King Kong of this bunch. Even as big as it already was, this last year was just as kind to Starbucks as it was to the lesser coffee stocks. It grew from a market cap of $18 billion to more than $30 billion. This leader of the coffee stocks has a current YTD return of more than 25 percent.

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Perk up Your Investments with Coffee Stocks

Coffee Stocks

Is there money to be made in coffee stocks?:

Coffee stocks are an interesting corner of the market. Because they are a smaller portion of the stock exchange, and because not many people know about the potential opportunities that exist in coffee holdings, you can often find a diamond in the rough with a low priced option that is set to grow consistently. There is definitely money to be made in coffee stocks, but you need to know exactly what you are doing. With coffee investments, you need to be knowledgeable about market factors and market conditions. Because coffee growth is mainly based on growth of plants, you would need to make sure that the climate and other weather factors could affect not only the quantity of crops that are available, but also the quantity of the  beans that are grown. While there are several ways that the price of coffee stocks could be affected negatively, this commodity has been growing steadily for the past few decades.

What opportunities are available in coffee stocks?:

There are a few domestic stocks available in the United States, but for the most part, successful coffee stocks are located in South America and a few Eurasian countries. Some of the countries that produce the greatest amount of coffee include Vietnam, Brazil, Indonesia, Colombia, and more. These nations have many companies that could be bought into at relatively low prices, and low risk.  Options like BCCI, COFEE, and others are available, and you can find farmers or agricultural businesses located in developing countries that produce coffee and other commodities.  Coffee stocks can always be a risky investment, but with the right knowledge about the industry, and a careful examination of weather and market options, you might be able to create additional wealth for you and your family.

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