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ECTE – Echo Therapeutics

SRR’s new exciting pick for the week is ECTE. Echo Therapeutics has created a unique device  that may be used at home or in hospitals for diabetic patients to monitor their glucose levels. This non-invasive  monitoring system is created with no needles and is also wireless. Echo Therapeutics is in the development of acquiring the FDA regulations and is on it’s way to get passed by the FDA. Once Echo Therapeutics passes FDA approval we can assure you that ECTE will be on the NASDAQ  or AMEX exchange. ECTE is trading at $2.00 flat and will open tomorrow morning at that price. We suggest you take a closer look at ECTE and it’s potential before it jumps to the regulated market. http://www.echotx.com

ECTE Stock Chart


ECTE has a patented technology in a multi-billion dollar industry that needs their technology.

They have a $15 million revenue agreement.

ECTE plans to move to the NASDAQ or AMEX exchange within the next 12 months.

– Echo appears to be a great acquisition target for one of the major pharmaceutical companies.  Even the CEO admitted they could be a target, and once a little company gets taken over by a big one, share prices go through the roof.


: Net Change:
Share Volume: Previous Close: $ 2.02
Today’s High: Today’s Low:
Best Bid: N/A Best Ask: N/A
52 Week High: $ 2.04 52 Week Low: $ 0.251
P/E Ratio: NE Shares Outstanding: N/A
Earnings Per Share (EPS): $ -0.76 Market Value: N/A

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