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Move Money Fast With First Contact Forex

It Is On the Way with First Contact Forex

first contact forex

With all of the interest in making money in the markets, First Contact Forex has not forgotten that moving your money around the world is also important. While many banks and financial services companies offer money transfer services as somewhat of a sideline, First Contact does retail forex transactions as a headline of their business plan.

Because First Contact Forex is constantly making small scale currency exchanges for their customers, they are always up-to-the-minute players in the forex market and therefore offer you the current market price, rather than a take-it-or-leave-it offer that may be based on the last time a company actually made a transaction denominated in that currency. You can rest assured that you are getting the best possible price to go along with their top customer service.

Make It Pay With First Contact Forex

You can choose to receive your funds in any of several different ways. Load up the debit card. Drop by one of our worldwide branch offices and pick up your cash, or else we can even deliver it right to your door. Opening an account with First Contact is as easy as verifying your identity and financial institution. Once that is out of the way, it is possible to move your funds around to anywhere you need it to go with a simple swipe of the card or click of the mouse.

Naturally, many areas of the world still prefer to transact business in actual cash. A dozen different currencies are always kept in stock and on hand, ready to meet your trade, travel, or transfer plans. You can be on your way with dollars, Euros, Rands, Swiss Francs, or even such exotic currencies as the Kenyan shilling or Malaysian ringgit. When it comes to putting money in your pocket, First Contact Forex does it all for you.

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