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Using Free Penny Stock Alerts To Formulate Your Investment Strategies

Free Penny Stock Alerts Will Change How You Approach The Market

Free Penny Stock Alerts
Free penny stock alerts are a vital tool for investors who are just getting their feet wet in this area of the market.  The risk for trades like these is notoriously high, especially when people fail to properly research the companies they will be buying into.  Although there is a definite opportunity to gain incredible profits from up and coming companies, there is also the likelihood of stumbling across businesses that are preparing to close their doors.  Free penny stock alerts are compiled by seasoned and knowledgeable individuals who have done most of the work for you by highlighting those endeavors that are most likely to produce returns.

Save Time With Free Penny Stock Alerts

These lists are generated through the careful selection of small cap stock picks that have a high potential for growth.  The listed options are then whittled down by eliminating businesses that do not have strong management teams and solid and visible plans for their endeavors.  Typically, these are steps that the individual investor would have to take on his or her own, however, you can get the details that you need to create a solid investment strategy by simply capitalizing on the efforts of others.

Making The Right Moves With Free Penny Stock Alert

Companies that are listed in free penny stock alerts are generally businesses that have seen recent and significant increases in their stock value.  Timing is everything and making the right move requires investors to perform a bit of analysis on their own once they have been made privy to this information.  In some instances, the wisest strategy is to invest small until new company news is released.  This news commonly follows free penny stock alerts and will, in many instances, promote several days worth of price gains.  This is usually the time at which investors should delve in and attempt to glean major rewards.  Each investment, however, continues to require diligent research and ongoing efforts to enhance personal market understanding.

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Subscribing to a Free Penny Stock Newsletter

The Value of a Free Penny Stock Newsletter

Free Penny Stock NewsletterWhile some investors pay hundreds of dollars to subscribe to stock picking newsletters, the option of subscribing to a free penny stock newsletter should not be overlooked.  A free penny stock newsletter can provide penny stock tips that make penny stock traders aware of penny stock trading opportunities that can be acted up to increase penny stock profits.  There is no shortage of free penny stock newsletters; however, following all of them is an impossible exercise.  The key is to find a free penny stock newsletter or two that have good track records, subscribe to them, and then review and act upon penny stock alerts.

Penny stock newsletters have been around for a very long time; far longer than the Internet has existed.  In the days before the Internet, there was no such thing as a free penny stock newsletter.  In those days, penny stock traders paid for subscriptions to penny stock newsletters that arrived by snail mail.  The Internet has changed penny stock newsletters dramatically.  Many penny stock newsletters can now be subscribed to for free via the Internet.  A subscriber to a free penny stock newsletter can sign up for free e-mail alerts or Twitter alerts.  Many free penny stock newsletters also post their penny stock tips on their websites or Facebook pages.

While a free penny stock newsletter cannot replace the due diligence that is necessary to determine whether a penny stock is worth trading or investing in, it can provide timely penny stock tips that can be researched and acted upon to profit in the penny stock market.  Not every free penny stock newsletter returns the same results.  Since they are free, it is easy to sign up and follow the recommendations of a free penny stock newsletter to see how their alerted penny stocks perform, prior to committing any money to penny stocks that they recommend.  To research the stock picks put out by a free penny stock newsletter, Stockreads.com is a website that is worth consulting.

The Benefits of Subscribing to a Free Penny Stock Newsletter

The main benefit to subscribing to a free penny stock newsletter is that the writers of the free penny stock newsletter do the research to come up with penny stock trading and investing ideas.  All one has to do as a subscriber to a free penny stock newsletter is research the recommended penny stocks and decide whether they would make a good penny stock trade or investment.  What really makes subscribing to a free penny stock newsletter worthwhile is when the writers identify a penny stock that has multi-bagger potential to move up by hundreds or thousands of percent.  Those types of penny stocks with huge potential gains are difficult to find without the help of a free penny stock newsletter.  The key is to find a penny stock newsletter that has a good track record of uncovering and alerting subscribers about penny stocks that have the potential to move higher and become a profitable investment or trade.

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Trading On Penny Stock Alerts

Trading On Penny Stock Alerts Requires Quick Action

Trading On Penny Stock AlertsThe most time sensitive type of penny stock trading is trading on penny stock alerts.  While more suitable for active penny stock traders who have quick access to the penny stock markets and information, casual penny stock traders can also take advantage of trading on penny stock alerts, but they have to be disciplined and willing to take quick trading action.

The key to successfully trading on penny stock alerts is to have procedures in place to quickly evaluate a penny stock alert to determine whether the penny stock that is the subject of the alert is worth trading, and then to execute a buy order soon afterward, if the evaluation is favorable.  While some penny stock alerts can be profitable trades long after the alerts are issued, the best way to reap a profit and avoid a potential loss from trading penny stock alerts is to be one of the first penny stock traders to act on penny stock alerts.

If possible, quickly check the best bid and best ask quotes via Level II Quotes for alerted penny stocks to determine a good price point to initiate a trade via a limit order.  Once a trader has a position in a penny stock that has been the subject of a penny stock alert, it is important to monitor the penny stock’s price action and momentum for clues as to whether the stock should be held for further gains or sold.

Avoiding The Pitfalls When Trading On Penny Stock Alerts

Trading on penny stock alerts can be very rewarding for experienced penny stock traders.  However, such trades can be treacherous for inexperienced penny stock traders.  Following penny stock trading rules can help a trader to avoid the pitfalls associated with trading on penny stock alerts.

First, always use a limit order when buying and selling penny stocks.  Due to the thin availability of many penny stocks, using market orders can be extremely dangerous, especially when buying a penny stock trading on penny stock alerts, as buying volume pours in.  Avoid being the top tick of the day by using limit orders.

Second, have a system in place to quickly perform due diligence on penny stock alerts as they are received, and be prepared to buy with a limit order, if the stock appears to be worth buying.  Failing to make quick decisions may mean the difference between a profit and a loss, or just a lost trading opportunity.

Third, have a realistic exit price in mind when initiating trades that are based on penny stock alerts.  It is fun to watch a stock that is trading on penny stock alerts race higher; however, without having a plan to get out of the trade, a trader may watch a penny stock race higher and then fall back, erasing all of their gains and profits.  Booking a modest 10% or 20% profit is preferable to watching a stock soar and fall back, and then selling it for a loss.

Fourth, keep in mind that it is okay to let some penny stock alerts go, if you feel as though it is too late to enter the penny stock trade.  There will always be new opportunities for trading on penny stock alerts.

Fifth, if trading on penny stock alerts is working out well in a particular penny stock, and a quick substantial profit can be booked, consider selling enough shares to cover your initial costs of entering the trade, and then let the rest of the shares ride until the trading momentum dies down.  Occasionally, penny stock alerts result in huge 1,000% gainers.  If it is possible to sell half one’s shares at a 100% gain and let the rest ride, a trader may be able to catch some of the 1,000% gainers with no risk of losing the initial investment.

There are many sources for penny stock alerts.  Many penny stock alerts websites, such as StockRockandRoll.com, offer penny stock alerts via email, so subscribers can receive the alerts anywhere.  Trading on penny stock alerts can be exciting and profitable for those who know where to find good penny stock alerts and how to trade them.

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CBWP – Crownbutte Wind Power


Wind power is growing and becoming one of the most popular energy source throughout the planet. The United States has a great geographic market and gets approximately 17 BILLION kilowatts of electricity from the energy source of wind power. We believe CBWP is the company that has the answers to wind energy production. They offer experienced professional services covering all stages of project development. Crownbutte’s project development of wind energy is successfully used throughout the Midwest.

CBWP is down to a low penny stock $0.15 and is looking good for a major rebound. As you can see CBWP running up the chart slowly and we believe CBWP will have a strong breakthrough early this week. In March 2010 CBWP has hit a high of $0.98. CBWP may break through it’s previous high with there unique approach of wind energy production.

CBWP Stock Chart

3 Facts on CBWP

#1 :  CBWP developed and installed the first utility-scale wind project in the Dakotas at Chamberlain, South Dakota, and later sold this park to one of the largest power cooperatives in the United States.

#2 : This was followed by the development of a 20 MW, expandable to 30 MW, project in Baker, MT which was sold at late stage to Montana-Dakota Utilities.

#3 :  CBWP Accepts Terms for $37.5 million in Project Financing: Mandan, ND, March 3, 2010 — The board of directors of Crownbutte Wind Power, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CBWP) has approved and signed a non-binding term sheet with iStreet Global for $37.5 million in debt financing for the company’s Gascoyne I, 19.5 MW wind project in Bowman County, North Dakota. A binding agreement will be executed upon successful completion of the due diligence phase and disbursement of funds is expected to begin no later than April 30, 2010. (source: http://www.crownbutte.com/NewsItemID-14-NewsItemDetail.aspx)


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TADF – Tactical Air Defense Services

“Pump Up The Volume” with TADF.


TADF is trading at HIGH volume Ladies and Gents. Today it had a 45.09% gain and traded at 280,111,781 volume. TADF is on the run and we believe there will be MAJOR SHORT SQUEEZE with this stock. We see TADF to continue making its way up the chart especially with it tremendous momentum it has been having this week. Our previous pick LYJN has soared over 600% with a short squeeze and we see the same in TADF. Keep TADF on your radar. With the massive gain today, the volume of over 200 Million,the new Press Release that came out tonight, and its insane momentum- We believe you will be more than satisfied.

TADF Stock Chart

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EWPI – Emerging World Pharma

Stock Rock and Roll LLC has done it again, Ladies and Gentleman. Yesterday evening, we alerted our facebook/twitter followers that EWPI was going to rock and roll. With a total of  3,851,474 share traded, the volume was incredible.  The stock hit a high of .94 coming from .68 the day prior.  In addition, the company is in the process of negotiating several contract from major companies nationwide- EWPIhasproved to be one of the largest and fastest growing small-cap pharmaceutical manufacturing company. The production of generic medicines are in high demand throughout several nations and now including The United States – which is why SR&R believes that EWPI is the perfect company to invest in. People. This is only the beginning for EWPI, the production of  generic pharmaceuticals, and its’ affect on other small-cap companies worldwide. The way we look at it, EWPI has just begun!

More on EWPI:

EWPI is an investor in generic based pharmaceutical companies manufacturing within developing nations. Emerging World Pharma Inc. is unique in that it is focused on companies that assist developing nations to become self-sufficient in their medicine needs through the introduction of advanced production infrastructure, the hiring and training of local employees and the use of top quality raw materials.The demand for medicine in developing nations is immense.  Counterfeit medicines and unreliable medicine supply systems continue to impede access for these nations. Emerging World Pharma Inc. sees local pharmaceutical production as the future of the generic pharmaceutical industry because of the numerous benefits to both the pharmaceutical manufacturers and the nations that they operate in. The benefits of local production to the pharmaceutical manufacturing companies include: lowered production costs, reduced shipping demands and less stringent regulation. Some of the benefits of local production to the developing nations include: the reduction of foreign exchange costs, local job creation, promotion of social development and technology transfer facilitation.In-depth market research is conducted to ensure that EWPI invests in pharmaceutical companies that manufacture within nations that meet requirements of political and economic stability. Through this rigorous screening process and continual analysis of market viability, Emerging World Pharma Inc. is able to ensure a healthy return on investment.

Emerging World Pharma Inc.’s management team has international experience in growth-oriented technology, business unit development, finance, medicine and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

http://www.emergingpharma.com/about_us.html EWPI

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