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IGRW (Integrated Health Network)


igrw logoIntegrated Health Network (IGRW) is a holding company, who through its subsidiaries, currently operates in the Legal Cannabis Industry as well as the Nutraceutical market.

After acquiring Here We Grow, Biotel, and TBLO,  IGRW will soon generate approximately one million dollars from each subsidiary as the havr collectively become a nationwide leader for cannabis services and retail for horticulture supplies with locations across the U.S; specifically the newly legalized state of Colorado. The company’s retail locations have become well known to provide client assistance in selecting the correct equipment, techniques, and nutrition in facilitating amd maximizing the cannabis growth for medical and recreational purposes.

Currently, the company has commenced its latest product development in conducting a study to better understand and  verify the neuro-protective and anti-inflammatory mechanisms derived from the hemp part of the cannabis plant. Known better as cannabidiol, IGRW will study how bcteria and viruses within the antiinflammatory pathways in the body respond to cannabidiol as it has been tested, through othet studies, to be a central element in the development of solving numerous chronic and autoimmune diseases such as a Crohn’s disease and lupus erythematosus.

Additonally, thr company’s other subsidiary, Wellness Builder, specializes in formulating supplements for health and anti-aging with a special focus on preventative care. Thus far, the company has developed over a dozens formulas to  address the negative effects of gastrointestinal disorders, dementia, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, auto-immune diseases and will continue to research and formulate othet products for additional degenerative disease syndromes.


Symbol: IGRW   [ Current PPS: $0.0122   Outstanding Shares: 3.5B   Float: 849.3M   – a/o July 17, 2014 ]


 Website(s):  www.InteractiveHealthNetwork.com


  • In 2013, over $1.43 billion worth of legal marijuana was sold between medical cannabis retailera, processors, and dispensaries and is expected to invrease 64% to $2.34 billion by 2014.
  • According to ArcView Market Research, the U,S Legal Marijuana market ia forecasted to total $10.2 billion by 2019.
  • Colorado shop owners estimate they generated over $1 million in collective sales on the first day pf legalization.
  • The state of Colorado also expects the industry to generate the state $600 million in revenues for 2014.
  • A recent article by CNBC details “how legal marijuana could be the next great American industry”.
  • A clinical trial conducted in Germany concluded the use of cannabidiol was deemed effective to treat schizophrenoa.
  • A 2013 proven study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, cannabidiol was proven posses the medical properties to combat nausea amnd vomiting, seizure Activity, psychosis disorders, neurodegenrative disorders, tumors and cancer cells,and anxiety and depression disorders.


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