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IMNG iMing

IMNG iMing 


Symbol:                                                     IMNG

Website:                                          www.imingcorp.com


Outstanding Shares:                       104.8M

Float:                                                           35.9M


iMing Corp. (IMNG) is a technology company who plans to actively participate in the forecasted $15.6 billion Web TV and Set-Top Box Market, specifically in China, through the introduction of a set-top box which supplies HD television via the internet.


As cloud computing and next generation gateways are being introduced to manage internet connectivity to HD TV home devices, IMNG has developed a new Web TV solution which will supply over 10,000 HD movies, pre-recorded TV programs, live TV channels, and other high demand streams of content. IMNG’s top of the line Set-Top Box capabilities also include playing source files from USB, SATA (Serial ATA) or other internal storage installed, and SD/MMC card. Additionally, IMNG’s technology provides superior quality to any home entertainment center as IMNG’s technology can support the latest format of 1080P Full HD decoding, HDMI 1.3, and SPDIF.7.1.DTS decoding. It is because of these strong capabilities that IMNG has further developed its technology with IMNG’s recently launched Second Generation Smart TV Box which runs on the Android Operating System and will convert any TV or Monitor into a Smart TV with full 3D graphics. Consumers will be able to fully access and surf the internet, check email and social media, play online games, download music and movies, and watch YouTube. IMNG is in the final stages of this version and eagerly anticipates IMNG’s latest technology to be available on the market in the second half of 2013. Likewise, IMNG will also launch a new product line in Q2 of 2013 for the “iPhone Accessories” market. IMNG’s market addition will consist of a uniquely small and powerful universal remote control device made specifically for the iPhone that will control a TV, DVD, Blu-ray, VCR, Cable Box, Satellite Box, and Home Theater. IMNG’s “imRemote” will be compatible with all Apple generations of the iPhone, iPod, and iPad including the latest generation releases.


As noticed, Apple TV and Google TV has transformed the format U.S consumers can watch TV, however, no leader has emerged in Asia to provide the 538 million internet users, and the 718 million in the upcoming 2013, with Web TV. In addition, research is estimating over 32 million Web TVs will be sold throughout China and will take up 54% of its market share. As so, IMNG has firm standings to actively participate in this exploding market by providing a cost-efficient Set-Top Box solution for the rapidly increasing Chinese internet consumers. Furthermore, IMNG is also currently designing the opening of an e-commerce online retail store through Taobao Marketplace, that is similar to U.S online shopping giants Amazon and Ebay.

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