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The Advantages of Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers: What Are They?

Interactive Brokers refers to a company that provides discount brokerage over the Internet. Clients that register with this company gain access to most of the major stocks, bonds, options and other financial instruments available in international markets. Interactive Brokers is renowned for providing a very inexpensive trading venue.

Services with Interactive Brokers

The most acclaimed aspect of the services provided by Interactive Brokers is their low commission. While the average rate for commissions may fall somewhere around $8 or $9, this broker charges just $1 per trade. That is amazingly low. It even makes the closest competitor’s rate of $3.95 look exorbitant.

As might be expected with such a low cost for trading, the additional tools that many other brokers provide for their clients are lacking. This is not to say that the Interactive Brokers website does not offer anything in the way of analysis assistance. Their desktop trading tools and other features are moderately useful when compared to some of the other online brokers’ packages. However, it is probably their platform demo that is the most applicable of their online tools.

Interactive Brokers offers three platform demos. Each of them gives clients a chance to test their investment strategies and tactics by investing in a virtual environment. While you cannot earn real money in this virtual market, you cannot lose money either. The three virtual platforms are the Trader Workstation Demo, the WebTrader Demo and the Forex Demo.

If you lack experience in trading, you might do better with an online broker that accommodates clients with more tools. If you feel very confident about our knowledge and skills and merely need a portal through which you can access market assets, then Interactive Brokers may be the most profitable choice.

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